Raising Awareness for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
By Jen Manzano Orpilla

Q: Tell us about your project!

Jen: My project is called "Raising Awareness for Male Survivors of Sexual Assault." I was compelled to research this topic because someone I know had endured abuse and I wanted to speak up, and use my platform to recognize those who have experienced such abuse and call out misogyny and toxic masculinity. 

Q: What change or impact are you hoping your project creates?

Jen: I am hoping to help normalize male vulnerability, in doing so helping to create safe spaces for men who have been sexually abused to have a voice, and know that it's 100% human and natural for men to experience emotion. I want people to know what to do + say in tough times; when a friend or loved one is calling for help.

Q: What are your hopes/aspirations for this project moving forward? How would you like your project to grow?

Jen: My hopes and aspirations for this project is for it to reach many eyes and hearts and ears of people who need to hear it. I want it to grow in such a way that people feel inspired from my work and want to make a difference by being a little more caring when someone is in need.  In a perfect world, I would want my project to end people suffering who are affected by sexual abuse.

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