The Youth Action Collective is a group of youth and young adults who came together following North Shore Restorative Justice’s first Youth Justice Lab over the summer of 2020. Amid a turbulent year, we found meaning in cultivating real change through relationships and dialogue, and strive to create spaces that allow for meaningful conversation and learning. As a collective, we are dedicated to holding and creating transformative spaces for youth on the North Shore to develop the skills, knowledge and relationships needed to cultivate more just and connected communities. 

Over the past three years, we have engaged our community with several projects. One of these is our Discussions on Decolonization series with Warren Hooley. This project allowed us to invite youth to join in the discussion on what decolonization looks like in our lives, relationships, and worldviews. Within this series, we also explored how to engage those around us in conversation on complex social issues from a compassionate learning standpoint. In addition, we have collaborated with the Ballantyne Project to invite youth to learn about the challenges facing youth in remote First Nations Communities. 

Together we have continually been engaging in a learning and unlearning process surrounding facilitation and social justice issues, and invite youth on the North Shore and surrounding areas to join us on our journey.

- The Youth Action Collective