This program receives youth and adult referrals from the RCMP, West Vancouver Police Department, Victim Services, and community agencies such as schools, municipalities and non-profit groups. Referrals include situations where crime, conflict or harm has occurred and the people involved are searching for solutions that promote repair, reconciliation, learning and understanding. Cases commonly referred include physical assault, threats, break and enter, mischief, theft, community disputes and, on-going relationship conflict.

Once a matter is referred to us, we will contact all parties affected by the incident and meet with them individually to find out what happened, who is taking responsibility for what, how people have been affected, and what might need to happen next. Based on these exploratory meetings, we work to design a restorative response that might be a face-to-face encounter (like a mediation, conference or circle) or explore how else the harm might be addressed in a meaningful way. When a face-to-face encounter is not appropriate or desired, we seek a conciliated response that attempts to meet the needs of all parties involved.