Our Mission

To build capacity and connectivity with the North Shore community to prevent and respond to conflict and harm. We will do this through values-based processes that engage elders, adults and youth.

Our Vision

We will work towards a future where restorative justice practices, principles and values are used throughout North Shore communities to prevent conflict and heal harms.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy that looks at crime and conflict as a breakdown between people and relationships. Restorative Justice acknowledges that when a crime occurs it impacts the victim, community, and offender, and therefore in order to resolve or to start to heal the harm, all people affected need to be part of the conversation.

North Shore Restorative Justice understands that each individual file is different and thus works to build a restorative process around the needs of the victim, community, and offender. In order for a file to be referred to North Shore Restorative Justice, the person who has been harmed (i.e. the victim) must want to participate in restorative justice, as well as the person responsible for the harm needs to take responsibility and want to participate in restorative justice. It is imperative to the process that participation in restorative justice is voluntary on all accounts as well as confidential.

Restorative Justice Offers
  • An opportunity to tell your story
  • A chance to explain how you have been impacted
  • A safe, caring and respectful place to share your story
  • Involvement and support through a problem-solving approach
  • Conflict resolution and a chance to repair relationships
  • A better understanding of the incident and its impacts
  • An opportunity to take responsibility for one's actions
  • Meaningful outcomes and an opportunity for closure

Anti-Indigenous Racism

Given the historical implications and impacts of colonization and residential schools, the North Shore Restorative Justice Society (NSRJ) condemns anti-Indigenous racism and as a settler organization, will continue to do the work to decolonize practices in alignment and in respect of the ancestral lands and peoples. We are cognizant of the fact that our organization works with the North Vancouver Royal Canadian Mounted Police (NV RCMP), West Vancouver Police Department, and Indigenous communities whose relationships are still in the progress of learning to trust one another. Knowing the historical and contemporary issues, NSRJ prioritizes solidarity with Indigenous communities in order to truly honour restorative justice methods. NSRJ’s conflict resolution is rooted in a community-first and active listening approach in an effort to continue to grow and heal with one another in the journey to achieve restorative justice.

Kimberley E. Jung

Anti-Black Racism

Given the continuous issues that stem from enslavement to police surveillance and brutality, the North Shore Restorative Justice Society condemns anti-Black racism. True justice would be the liberation of all, and yet Black people are still not being allocated the freedoms that many others in society are experiencing. We remain cognizant that our organization works with both the North Vancouver Royal Canadian Mounted Police (NV RCMP), West Vancouver Police Department, and Black community members of which the relationships have a historical power imbalance that has led to ongoing injustice. For far too long systemic inequities have harmed Black people on a global scale and by taking an equity-driven approach, NSRJ works to prioritize advocacy and solidarity with Black community members. NSRJ also acknowledges that we are still learning to interrogate systems of inequity that have contributed and reinforced injustice to harm Black people. We are committed to strengthening our understanding and educating ourselves on the subject in order to better serve Black community members of the North Shore. We must remain aware and active in an effort to navigate achieving restorative justice in the most equitable way possible.

Kimberley E. Jung