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***Thanks to your incredible support, we were able to raise over $20,600 towards our restorative justice programming!***


To bring new community support to NSRJ, we are presenting our Transforming Lives Giving Campaign from November 23 – December 31. Our goal is to register 125 monthly donors in celebration of our 25th anniversary in 2022.  

Crime and conflict impact everyone in our North Shore community, whether directly or indirectly. They challenge our experience of public safety and our sense of belonging. They create long-lasting negative impacts for both victims of crime and the offenders who cause the harm.  

But what if there was a way to…

·    Make our community safer by reducing crime and repeat offending

·    Give a voice to the victims of crime so they find closure and healing

·    Ensure offenders make amends for the harm they cause, leading to more positive futures

·    Teach students how to resolve and prevent conflict while increasing belonging and resiliency  

The North Shore Restorative Justice Society (NSRJ) has found that way. For over 24 years, NSRJ has been working alongside North Shore police, RCMP, schools, and community partners to identify and resolve cases of crime and conflict where the restorative justice approach would be more effective and lessen the burden on the criminal justice system. By restoring losses suffered by victims, holding offenders to account for the harm they caused, and addressing the root causes of crime to reduce repeat offences, we are making our community safer and stronger.  

To date, we have supported over 1,000 victims and over 1,000 offenders to directly share their respective experiences of the crime or conflict, reaching a place of mutual understanding and healing. Some of our other measurable outcomes include: 5,000+ hours spent by our trained staff and volunteer facilitators, 350+ letters of apology from offenders to victims, and 1,300+ hours of community service by offenders.  

We have also worked with thousands of children and youth through our school-based and community programming designed to teach them processes for resolving conflict and repairing relationships, and to set a foundation for resiliency and conflict prevention.  

You can read more about the campaign here.


Thanks for your support!


Executive Director