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On February 23rd the North Shore Restorative Justice Society held their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This year brought about some sad goodbyes, but also some exciting hellos and welcomes and of course some celebrations!

From our Board Members we said a fond farewell to Nadia (Board Chair), Laurisse, Shaneeda, Matty and Lindy. These members have been with NSRJ for the past two years (and some much longer) and represented the steadfast passion and perseverance that is a signature of all active members of the NSRJ community. We are sad to see them go, but are excited for them as they continue on in their respective journey's!

This past AGM we also welcomed four fantastic and energetic new board members to the crew! Ramin, Mary, Sarah and Marie come to NSRJ with diverse backgrounds and experiences that will continue to support NSRJ's rapid growth in the North Shore commnity. To learn more about our new board members, check out this link:

In addition, we wanted to highlight the tremendous work that the Communications Task Force brings to the NSRJS. They have shown amazing professionalism, organization and ability that has improved the overall image of NSRJ online. This year we celebrate as our Volunteer of the Year all members of the Communications Task Force which inlcudes Kelly (Chair), Maaza, Madison and Leila!

Some words from the Communications Task Force Chair:

It is such a privilege to be able to volunteer for NSRJ, and to work alongside such a wonderful team of people within the Communications Task Force. The work that the organization does is so vitally important in shaping lives and communities here on the North Shore, and I feel very lucky to be a part of such an overwhelmingly supportive and caring group. (Kelly)