We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!

NSRJS is looking to hire a Schools Program Facilitator! Please see below for the full job posting (also attached in PDF format).


 North  Shore  Restorative  Justice  Society  (NSRJS)  is  a  non-­‐profit  society  that  seeks  to  develop,  promote,   and  provide  restorative  approaches  to  prevent  and  heal  harm  caused  by  conflict  and  crime.  We  are   looking  to  expand  our  team  and  hire  a  part-­‐time  (30  hours/  week)  Schools  Program  Facilitator  on  a   one-­‐year  contract.  This  job  has  the  possibility  of  continuing,  depending  on  funding.    As  our  Schools   Program  Facilitator,  you  will  be  responsible  for  supporting  the  Schools  Program  and  facilitating   restorative  circles  in  schools  across  the  North  Shore.    

North  Shore  Restorative  Justice  Society  seeks  to  continue  to  support  the  long-­‐term  practice,   sustainability  and  development  of  restorative  approaches.  The  Schools  Program  Facilitator  will  work   alongside  the  Program  Coordinator  in  the  planning  and  co-­‐facilitation  of  weekly  restorative  circles,   assist  in  raising  awareness  of  restorative  approaches  in  schools,  and  maintain  relationships  with   teachers  and  students  to  support  a  system  of  integrated  restorative  skills,  practices  and  processes  in   our  partner  schools.    

Key  Responsibilities    

Schools  Program:    

  • Reporting  to  the  Schools  Program  Manager  and  keeping  her  informed  of  program  operations
  • Collaborating  and  co-­‐facilitating  with  the  Program  Coordinator  in  weekly  restorative  classroom  circles
  • Developing  and  preparing  activities  and  agendas  in  keeping  with  major  program  themes  and  objectives
  • Initiating  and  facilitating  dialogues  on  a  range  of  topics  including:  values,  self-­‐esteem,  bullying,  social   media,  healthy  communication,  and  youth  rights
  • Attending  to  administrative  duties  as  required
  • Representing  the  organization  at  community  and  volunteer  appreciation  events  and  participating  in   community  tables  deemed  appropriate
  • Supporting  the  Program  Coordinator  in  developing,  promoting  and  facilitating  SpeakOut  events
  • Sitting  on  NSRJS  committees  as  needed
  • Providing  support  on  any  of  the  organization’s  fundraising  efforts  


  • Understanding  of  and  experience  in  the  philosophy  of  Restorative  Justice
  • Strong  organizational  and  time  management  skills
  • Strong  networking  and  relationship-­‐building  skills:  must  have  the  ability  to  work  cooperatively  with  staff,   volunteers  and  other  community  agencies  and  organizations
  • Self-­‐directed  and  comfortable  working  as  part  of  a  team  in  a  collaborative  work  environment
  • Awareness  of  issues  facing  children  and  youth  today
  • Flexibility  in  hours,  some  work  weeks  may  require  evenings  and  weekends
  • Second  language  is  an  asset
  • Excellent  communication  skills  


  • Bachelor’s  Degree  or  Diploma  in  Criminology,  Social  Work  or  related  field

  • Experience  working  with  children  and  youth,  preferably  in  a  school  environment
  • Commitment  to  Restorative  Justice  values,  principles  and  practices
  • Experience  and  success  in  collaboration  and  teamwork
  • Knowledge  and  understanding  of  current  social  issues,  particularly  those  facing  youth  and  those  with   multiple  barriers
  • Use  of  your  own  vehicle

  • The  flexibility  required  to  work  occasional  evenings  and  weekends  


  • Training  and  experience  in  Restorative  Justice
  • Group  facilitation  experience  in  circle  process
  • Familiarity  with  community  services  and  resources  on  the  North  Shore
  • Knowledge  of  child/youth  development  and  key  aspects  of  social  emotional  learning
  • Additional  languages  to  English  (fluency  in  Farsi,  Korean  or  Mandarin  would  be  considered  an  asset)

 Use  of  your  own  vehicle  is  required.    All  applicants  must  be  able  to  pass  both  a  criminal  record  check   and  an  enhanced  reliability  clearance.  

If  you  have  the  above-­‐mentioned  qualifications  please  submit  a  cover  letter  and  your  cover  letter  and   resume  to  info@nsrj.ca  by  4pm  on  Monday,  June  26th,  2017.  We  welcome  and  appreciate  applications   from  all  who  are  qualified  and  interested.  No  phone  calls  please.  Due  to  the  expected  interest,  NSRJS   will  be  contacting  only  those  who  will  be  invited  for  an  interview.    

North  Shore  Restorative  Justice  Society  is  an  equal  opportunity  employer  and  we  encourage  the   application  of  all  qualified  applicants.  

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