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The North Shore Restorative Justice Society (NSRJS) is currently inviting applications for
membership on the Board. We believe our Board offers its members an excellent opportunity
to contribute meaningfully to the well being of our North Shore communities.

At NSRJ, our mission is to develop, promote and provide restorative approaches to prevent and
heal harm caused by conflict and crime. Our work includes the Restorative Response program,
which is an RCMP and WVPD court diversion program that provides a community based
response to crime and a voice to youth and adults that have been harmed. Through our Schools
Initiative, we work with children and youth on a weekly basis to promote healthy
communication, empathy and conflict resolution. In addition, our dedicated staff and
volunteers run a variety of community events throughout the North Shore including our
Community Dialogue series and Speak Out events. Our goal is to connect with affected
individuals, families and organizations to strengthen our diverse community.

NSRJ’s board is responsible for the stewardship of the organization, for guarding the mission of
the society, and for maintaining high standards of accountability. Our board regularly interacts
with the staff in discussing issues and the overall strategic direction of the board. We are
looking for those who can speak to the needs of culturally diverse communities and those

       • Have an interest in and are passionate about our work with young people and
other community members
       • Have the background and experience to add to the representation of our
Board with partner organizations and reflect the diversity of the population of
the North Shore

      • Have abilities and knowledge which add to the current Board’s skill-

      • Are a resident of the North Shore or work in one of our North Shore communities or
have a deep connection to Restorative Justice or those with specific areas of
technical expertise
      • Are committed to enhancing the growth, development and use of restorative
justice processes on the North Shore
      • Background in law, communications and/or accounting considered an asset

Our board meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month during the evenings at the
Delbrook Community Center. Board members are expected to attend most if not all monthly board meetings, a one-day strategic planning retreat, and the annual NSRJ fall gala. Every
Board member belongs to at least one of the organization’s committees.

If you are interested in supporting this work, please send a resume and cover letter by
January 11th, 2019 to [email protected]. Your application should describe why you would like to
serve NSRJ and how you could contribute to its stewardship. There will be an opportunity in
mid-January to meet with the Interview Committee, after an initial pre-screening of
applications. All Board members will be elected at the AGM in Spring 2019 for a renewable
two-year term in office. Board members are required to agree to a criminal record check and
sign a confidentiality agreement. You can learn more about us at www.nsrj.ca
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with North Shore Restorative Justice.